I can see that he is happier having the opportunity to socialize at daycare!  He is even taking longer naps because he’s having too much fun 🙂  I am so thankful for HGG and the staff there!

Jennifer and Rogemil Velasco - (parents of Edison)

We felt that our daughter’s experience at HGG during this very unusual time was outstanding!  It provided her with socialization, nurturing, and academic support. We hope to return again once shelter in place is lifted.

Chris and Sandy Chidester - (parents of Caroline)

Alyssa looks forward to going to school every day.  She wants to see her new best friends and favorite teachers.  She enjoys the yoga and art projects they do every day.  Her numbers and letters are improving as well.  She is so proud of herself.  She adjusted very quickly to the new routine.  We have been very pleased with the program.  Alyssa has been healthy and happy at His Growing Grove.

Ray and Rachel Serrano - (parents of Alyssa)

We are so grateful that HGG is part of our lives again!  With all the uncertainty in the world, it’s so comforting to have some sense of familiarity and normalcy for our son.  Max has missed seeing his teachers and friends.  He comes home so happy every day.  Having HGG open again has been a lifesaver!

Mona Reese and David Rudd - (parents of Max)

Theo has really blossomed as a result of spending time at HGG.  He is more confident and curious.  I can tell that he is enjoying his time as well as learning from his peers and teachers.

Paul and Cathy Keim - (parents of Theordore)

As Sejal is a very social and energetic person, being around other kids and playing with them is really important for her development.  This program has really helped in continuing with that.

Ishwin Mann and Devender Sandhu - (parents of Sejal and Amara)

We consider ourselves fortunate to have found a preschool that was clearly focused on the needs of the children as well as the parents. The teachers and the staff are not only caring, sensitive and attentive, but also respectful, hard-working and have a good sense of humor…Thank you for giving us a great pre-school experience and treating our family like one of yours

Ed and Lina Gonzalez - (parents of Emily and Elisa)

The entire Williamson family has come to love everything about HGG, especially the teachers and staff.  Their love for the children is so evident in the way they deal with each child. 

Michael and Josephine Williamson - (parents of Samantha and Joshua)

“We wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to everyone at His Growing Grove. Alyssa has been at HGG since she was 10 months old and has received the highest care any parent could ask for. Every teacher has provided her with so much love and care. She has never once asked to not go to school. She has always looked forward to the next day and the challenges and fun that lay ahead.” —- Nicole and Steve Torkelsen (parents of Giant Giraffe Alyssa)

“On a very frustrating morning in September, 2004, I walked into His Growing Grove for a packet of brochures about the childcare center. This has totally changed our lives, and our son, Nicholas’. It was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made!”

Victoria and Vincent Chan - (parents of Nicholas)