programAs committed members of the Body of Christ we believe that every child is a precious gift from God. Our goal is to provide your child, who you have entrusted to our care, with care that allows you to work without worrying about your child’s safety and well-being.

Christ Centered Values

A ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Hayward, our Christ-centered program integrates our belief in Christ into many aspects of our program. Our program is based on a foundation of Christian love and sound developmental practices. His Growing Grove welcomes children and families of all faith backgrounds to attend our Center. Some specific Christ-centered aspects of our program include:

-Worship service 2 times a week
-Classroom Bible time
-Songs Praising Jesus
-Christian Teachers
-Meaningful Holiday Celebrations
-Diversity of Cultures

Emergency Preparedness

emergencyAt His Growing Grove, providing you with a safe place to leave your child is our primary concern. For that reason, our building has state of the art fire alarm and sprinkler systems to which each classroom is equipped with a pull station. Fire extinguishers and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are also part of the emergency preparedness equipment in our building. Each classroom is outfitted with evacuation supplies. Evacuation drills, along with earthquake drills are conducted monthly. All HGG staff are required to keep current in CPR and First Aid. Each child has his or her own Earthquake Kit on site, providing us with the supplies needed should an emergency arise. Most importantly, parents are required to update emergency contact information daily, providing us with the ability to stay in easy contact no matter what the emergency might be.

Conflict Resolution and Discipline Practices

conflict1At His Growing Grove we have established a plan for discipline that is designed to help children learn how to exercise self-control. Our goal is to have children know that they are special gifts from God, and to enable them to love and get along with others. We also believe that discipline is the key to learning. We strive to establish an atmosphere in which children learn to respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers. We believe that a child who is disruptive cannot respect himself or others and that children find security and direction where there is consistent adult guidance and discipline. Teachers use constructive methods of discipline and maintain an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and order, which reduces the likelihood of disruptive behavior. They acknowledge appropriate behaviors positively, and monitor classroom activities constantly, giving directions clearly, and reducing problems by careful advance planning and organization of activities. His Growing Grove does not permit spanking, striking, humiliation or rough handling. However, when a child is in danger of harming him/herself, other children, or adults, the teacher is allowed to use a firm, gentle embrace to restrain the child.


nutritionHis Growing Grove has received USDA Accreditation for our Nutrition Program.  We have a full stainless steel kitchen to prepare all breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.  All meals are healthy and balanced.  Food allergies are accommodated.  Our center does not serve peanuts or any peanut products.  Meals are included in the price of tuition.

Potty Training

potty-trainingAt His Growing Grove we believe that “Potty Trained” is a learned behavior. Our goal is to work with parents to make potty training a fun and exciting experience for your children. We will take every possible step to help your child make the bridge from diapers to underwear. Please read our brochure under the Resources section.