Parent Partnerships

parents1The purpose of His Growing Grove Child Care Center is to partner with parents in nurturing and instructing the whole child, in a secure environment, centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

At His Growing Grove, our goal is to provide the kind of care that allows you to entrust your child to us without worrying about his or her safety or wellbeing. It is our goal to work with you as partners in your child’s development. We invite your to share in your child’s daily learning experiences by visiting, observing, and by participating in daily activities whenever you can.

Parent Visitation

hours1His Growing Grove has an open door policy for parents. Visits are both welcomed and encouraged. Feel free to drop in anytime and visit with your child or observe activities. However, so that we know who is in the building at all times, please stop by the office first and introduce your guests to us. You have unlimited access to the center during business hours for the purpose of contacting your child and assessing the care provided. (NOTE: this does not apply during the COVID-19 Pandemic, although we welcome your calls & Emails!)

Communication with Parents

parents3At His Growing Grove we strive to establish and maintain regular, ongoing communication. Our staff is trained to listen and to respect your goals and preferences for your child. Daily charts, boards highlighting the happenings of your child’s day, our newsletters, personal notes and annual parent/teacher conferences are just some examples of how we strive to stay connected with you as your child grows and learns at HGG.

Should you ever have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your child’s care, please feel free to stop by the office and talk about whatever is on your mind.

Parents Resources

HGG is excited to share with you a trusted resource that supports families in Alameda County.  The program is First 5 Alameda County and Help Me Grow.  Help Me Grow is a program that supports families with child development information, resources and supports.  Live child development specialists are available through an information line, 1-888-510-1211, to answer any question related to your children’s learning, development or behavior. Click here to see a short video about Help Me Grow’s program.