Tiny Turtles

infantAGES 6 WEEKS to 1 YEAR (approximate age in September)

His Growing Grove has special facilities and increased staffing to provide the extra care and attention that infants and young toddlers require. The low ratios allow our teachers to spend more time with the children to provide security and encourage their growth and development. Our highly qualified staff has specific training in infant/toddler care as well. The Turtle and Teddy Bear programs include recreation in our special play yard as well as stroller rides around the church grounds.

Toddling Teddy Bears

teddy-bearsAGES UNDER 2.5 YEAR OLD TODDLERS (approximate age in September)

The Toddling Teddy Bear program is our Young Toddler program. Specially trained teachers work in small primary care groups to provide these little ones with learning experiences especially designed to encourage language development and walking skills for the youngest and transitioning skills for those who will soon move to our Little Lambs program.

Little Lambs

littlelambs3 (1)AGES 2 YEAR OLDS AND YOUNGER 3 YEAR OLDS (approximate age in September)

The Little Lambs program at His Growing Grove is unique because it is specifically designed to gently transition very young children from infant/toddler care to preschool. This program emphasizes essential self help skills, including hygiene, toilet training and developing self control through verbal and coping skills. Low ratios allow teachers to work with the children individually and in small groups.

Praising Penguins

praisingpenguinsAGES OLDER 3 YEAR OLDS AND 4 YEAR OLDS (approximate age in September)

The Praising Penguin program uses a theme-based, hands-on approach to encourage preschool-aged children to develop the skills and understanding that will enable them to make sense of the world and to succeed in it. This program lays a strong foundation for learning abstract concepts later in life by providing an environment that encourages children to see themselves as capable learners. Our low child to teacher ratio in this program allows for plenty of individual attention and work in small groups. Special emphasis on Kindergarten preparedness is provided for our four-year-olds with work on developing pre-reading and pre-math skills.

Giant Giraffes

giantgiraffesAGES OLDEST 4 YEAR OLDS (approximate age in September)

Our Giant Giraffe program is designed to provide extra enrichment for the oldest 24 full-time children in HGG, those who just miss the Kindergarten cut-off date for public school. Our goal is to provide these older children a smooth transition from the preschool environment to Kindergarten, by introducing the children to a more structured environment, tempered with love and plenty of hands-on activities to prompt excitement for learning. Special emphasis is placed on literacy and math skills, providing opportunities for children to grow in readiness while still enjoying the advantages of our low child-to-teacher ratios.